Welcome to the website of Christian Communities in Conversation (CCiC) project in the Plymouth & Exeter District of the Methodist Church. We hope this site will provide helpful information about this exciting project and encourage you to find out more and get involved. 

There are pages on this site about our background and information about how you can get involved. 

There is a new page called "WHERE ARE WE NOW - AUGUST 2020" with new reflections and video resources about CCiC to watch and share.

There is a BLOG page where you can comment and engage with some of the CCiC musings and we really encourage you to do so. We are serious about encouraging conversation!


The FORUM page is in two parts, a News section open to everyone, and a Community of Practice page for those engaged in running or developing conversation groups. You can ask to be part of this conversation forum by registering using the link at the top of the page. 

There is a page where you can get in touch with us, and we would love to hear from you.

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What is CCiC?

CCiC is the District evangelism project that grew out of a realisation that in many ways we have lost the art of conversation about spirituality and frequently get stuck in outdated ways of operating.

CCiC is a fresh approach to evangelism and has as its purpose;

“To grow a community of people who are confident and excited about having spiritual conversations based on experiences of life, living and encountering God”.

CCiC works alongside local Christian communities as part of a culture shift to support outreach and evangelism and the heart of the project is about growing people in their own context and not about training or imparting knowledge.

The initiative asks what it would be like if we could create spaces where;

  • We could have meaningful conversation about things which really matter.

  • Where evangelism happened through honest conversation.

  • Where we could safely examine our own faith statements.

  • Where we could build, sustain and deepen relationships.

  • Where we could carry curiosity alongside our deepest convictions.

  • Where we carry questions alongside answers.

  • Where we can explore how we encounter God in our lives and stories.

So CCiC is about changing culture and growing a community of people who will enable others to engage in spiritual conversation. It’s about growing people in their own context. We seek to create safe conversation groups which are;

  • Safe

  • Facilitated

  • Focused

  • Inclusive


Our experience is that many people want to talk about things which matter, but not to be told what to think. They want others to be interested in them and their experience and perspective, they want conversation that is relevant, contextual and spiritual.

So far CCiC has been growing a community of practice across the District to share ideas, learning and growth in different localities. The project group of around 20 interested people gathers from time to time and we are growing a group of people to learn to be facilitators of the groups through reflective practice and coaching. It has been an exciting learning process and we have been encouraged by the stories emerging from the conversation groups that have already taken place.

”It has helped us have honest conversation”

“I felt I could speak as I didn’t feel I had to know all the answers”

“People contributed who don’t normally speak in groups”

“It was a new experience to be really listened to”

We are learning about rediscovering the art of civil conversations, about generous listening and the delights of being curious about other people. By finding positive experiences in groups that operate in ways that we are not used to, we can change our culture because “what we practice, we become”.