Where next – how can you get involved?

The CCiC project is expanding and we are looking towards 2020 to recruit and grow a new cohort of people who want to get involved and be part of changing the culture we operate in. Could this be you?

We are looking for people who

  • Find energy engaging with other people and are open to what they can learn.

  • Are enthusiastic about exploring questions rather than imposing answers.

  • Have a curiosity about the stories of other people’s experience of encountering God.


We hope this will be an opportunity to grow and thrive in sharing spiritual conversations with others and we provide support in a number of ways;

Community support – through the gathering days and working with local groups.

Group work – to explore the “CCiC Facilitation Competencies”.

Reflective practice – through using personal journals to explore competencies and progress.

Coaching – all the facilitators will receive coaching sessions in between each group session they run to explore issues identified in growing into the competencies.

Could you become a Conversation Champion in your area?

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Find out more;


  • Talk to some of the Conversation Champions who are already part of CCiC in your area.


“I can disagree with your opinion, it turns out, but I can’t disagree with your experience. And once I have a sense of your experience, you and I are in relationship, acknowledging the complexity in each other’s position, listening less guardedly. The difference in our opinions will probably remain intact, but it no longer defines what is possible between us.” 

― Krista Tippett.