Taking the plunge: CCiC online

Wondering what happens when you take CCiC conversation groups online? Here’s some feedback from people new to CCiC who took part in a series of six online sessions during the latest lockdown, based on original materials devised by a CCiC facilitator:

'a great opportunity for very comfortable talk, [to] share so many interesting thoughts with folk I hadn’t known for very long but with whom I felt at ease and particularly comfortable. Not threatened or feared by any … of those who were part of this special group. I am sure all this was because we had ‘the rules’ of CCiC conversation. I feel sure this set up will enable many times and types, and reasons for, constructive dialogue in the future. Monday afternoons have provided for me times I have not enjoyed before.'

'My first taste of CCiC has brought me nothing but joy. I kept coming back for more because it was satisfying conversations that meant something. The ground rules, repeated every week, really helped to create a safe space and I loved the round up at the end when the facilitator reminded us where we had started and where we journeyed together. It was always a delightful surprise. On the whole, voices were extending or echoing one another rather than raising opposite views. Part of me wanted more controversy to see if it is possible to disagree well. That said, I learnt so much from others; conversations went in directions that took my thinking deeper and further than would ever been possible by studying the materials alone. I'm deeply grateful to those that facilitated and I'd love to be part of another conversation in the future.'

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