Where are we now? That’s quite a question in August 2020 after a period if unprecedented change and uncertainty in our communities. There is much talk about “the new normal” and how we as a Church are going to have to learn to reimagine who we are like never before and CCiC is looking to the future as part of this.

At the heart of CCiC is the rediscovery of the art of spiritual conversation and we have spent the last few years enabling a Community of Practice that has established a wide range of conversation group settings across the District. Lockdown came as we were preparing the next expansion phase of these groups and we have been reflecting and sharing ideas about where we go next. The Forum part of this website has some illustrations of these conversations that have been continuing through Zoom.

We are as convinced as ever that finding new ways of being together and to share and grow together is a crucial part of looking to the future. Even if meeting together to share and talk is going to be different, the CCiC commitment to “finding the extraordinary in the ordinary” brings a perspective of hope and curiosity that will open up new ground if we let it.

So  what do we want to say about the CCiC approach now?

  1. We are developing “intentional” groups, wherever they might end up being. That means that there is an identified new way of being together that is different from the other small groups we are used to being in. There is a desired culture and “way of being” that is:

    • Safe

    • Focused

    • Facilitated

    • Inclusive

    • Diverse


Within this culture, we will feel free to struggle and consequently grow.


  1. We are committed to growing new skills and techniques in resourceful conversation that builds on a new approach to: creative questioning; active listening and engaged curiosity.

By learning to ask questions creatively, we will learn.


  1. Changing the way we do things takes work and time, but will produce much fruit if we model the approach and put the time into growing.

We have learnt that what we practice, we eventually become.


So our mantra for the season will be:

CCiC mantra.jpeg

Where are we now? Voices from the ground.

Emma Nash 

Connexional Mission & Community Engagement Office in conversation with Jo Simpson about CCiC in the new era.

Lynne Wooldridge

Lynne is a CCiC facilitator who has been reflecting on the role that the CCiC approach can play in bringing renewal into local church settings.

CCiC Facilitators talk!

To help a Circuit within the District to think about what CCiC might be able to offer them in the development of new approaches to groups, evangelism and mission, a group of CCiC facilitators talk it through together.

(Is there a collective noun for CCiC facilitators? - Ideas on a postcard.....)

Wisdom from Exmouth!

Janet & Richard reflect on their experience of CCiC